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Pocketbook Pups at a Glance
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Females 9 weeks
Ernie -M
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Harley - F
Abby - F

Bella Blue - F
Born 3-7-10  Teacup Stud

            Born 3-7-10
    SOLD to Dana and Lonnie     
     Radabaugh from Buda, Tx
Born 3-7-10
SOLD to Alfonzio Incorvaia from  Poughkeepsie, New York

MoMo - means dumpling
Born 3-9-10   Teacup Stud 
SOLD to Steve Madureira, 
          Austin, Tx  
          Born 3-9-10
          Tiny Teacup

            Born 3-9-10
SOLD to Kasey Borders and 
          TC Landers, Austin, Tx 
        Born 3-9-10
SOLD to James Martinez,
            Buda, Tx
          Born 3-9-10
SOLD to Kathryn McBride and Steve Arenz, Kyle, Tx.  
Born 3-9-10
Born 1-27-10     15 weeks
She will be a tiny female. 
SOLD to Lillian Martinez & Matthew Bruder, Round Rock, Tx  
           Born 1-27-10
  Sold to Mauri and Nick   
  Blankenship, Caldwell, Tx.
Lola Millan - F
Camilla - F
pink - black - jewelry - tiny angels
gold - weight - large - thick  - coat - black - gold
Male 9 weeks
Quick Look
Here are 6 important reasons you should select Pocketbook Pups to find your Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale.

Health comes first – Many buyers want teacup Yorkie puppies.  We are a Yorkie breeder, who raise the tiny darlings with the baby doll faces.  We pride ourselves in feeding the very best food and vitamins to our sires and dams.  Just remember they come in all shapes and sizes...even within the same litter.  As Forest Gump says, “You never know what you’re going to get in a box of chocolates,” and this is so true.   As an AKC Yorkie breeder we sell healthy pups that will fit in your pocket to the standard size Yorkie puppy.

Nutrition - With that said, we provide excellent nutrition and care for our Yorkshire Terriers. We feed  Science Diet for Toy and Small breed and use a blend of the Science Diet Puppy Bites plus Royal Canin Canin Chiot 33 for our puppies that are being weaned.  They also get vitamins every day to improve coat luster.  It is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids.

Socialization - This is my full-time job.  As you will see on our website, we are hands on from the first breath the puppies take.  We take pictures of the labor, delivery, first nursing session, and each week of life until they are transferred into your loving home.  My daughter, Kaleigh, is 9 years old and our house veterinarian in training.  She helps me in every aspect of taking care of the Yorkie puppies.  Best of all, she is hands-on when it comes to socializing the puppies. This makes all the difference in a puppy that is outgoing, playful, and kissable.  It also prevents you from buying a small yapping dog that could end up being a lot of trouble instead of a blessing to your life.

One Year Health guarantee - When you purchase a Yorkshire Terrier puppy from us we give a written guarantee against genetic defects like liver shunts, heart conditions, etc.  Our puppies have usually been to our veterinarian 2-3 times before they are transitioned into your home.  Dr. Arlon Graef is located in Taylor, Texas and just received the best customer service award, best vet and best groomer from the Chamber of Commerce.  He is a graduate of Texas A & M University and outstanding in his evaluation of his patients. You can see pictures of Dr. Graef and his staff on our website and are welcome to call him for references.

Puppy Package - When you purchase puppies from us we customize a puppy package for your little angel.  They come in all colors and you receive a kennel, bed, collar and leash, food, bowls, chew sticks, puppy treats and training pads, toys, vitamins, blankets, bath towels, shampoo, brush, picture frame and an outfit.  If you select Pocketbook Pups as your Yorkie breeder you will never be handed a puppy and shoved out the door. We want the transition from our home to yours to be as hassle free as possible.  We feel we have made friends who happen to adopt our darling little puppies. 

American Kennel Club of America  -  We only breed AKC Yorkshire Terriers.  In my opinion, they are the superior registration club.  After registering your new puppy you may choose to receive 60 days of pet health insurance through the Pet Partners Insurance program.  The AKC participates in companion  rescue and recovery, they donate grants to research disease, and there are a multitude of fun events you can participate in with your pet, such as agility trials.  They also send you a new owner’s puppy handbook that is full of valuable information and pet food coupons.

Customer Service - Last but not least…I will treat you the way that I would like to be treated.  Pocketbook Pups strive to give our best in terms of our relationship with you.  We are only a phone call away!

I can be reached via email or by phone:

[email protected]

 512-657-0072 or 989-7543
It was love at first sight when saw my first Yorkshire Terrier Puppy.  Those tiny angel faces will get you every time.  I feel they have the playfulness of a kitten but the personality of a canine – “man’s best friend”!  They absolutely love their owners and vice versa.
Born 3-7-10 
Too cute !!!!!!
Male 9 weeks
Male 8 weeks
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Yorkshire Terrier Puppies For Sale

            Born 3-7-10
   SOLD to Dana and Lonnie    
    Radabaugh from Buda, Tx
           Born 2-11-10
Sold to Mauri and Nick Blankenship, Caldwell, Tx.
           Born 2-11-10
Sold to Hector Guitierrez and Alma Escalera, Austin, Tx.
  DNA tested AKC Stud                Born 8-13-07
Sold to Esperanza and John Reyna, Austin, Tx.
Black Jack Big Bucks
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