Her First Litter 
  updated 4/17/10
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Betty Lou Blake's Mistress of Mayhem X Slick Willie Splash of Jack Daniels
                            Otherwise known as Betty Lou and Slick both owned by Blake Moeller                                       
Two adorable females born February 11th, 2010. 

"Betty Lou" is a great mom! 
We think her puppies are
just beautiful.  Call us to reserve a puppy from Blake out of his next litter.  This sire and dam clicked very well!  

Please call 
512-657-0072 for Kerrie
512-422-0024 for Blake  
Pocketbook pups provide a puppy care package with each puppy.  It has almost everything you need for your new Yorkie. 
You just have to add the love - and that 
comes very easy!  We try to help in every 
way so that your new pet will transition from
our home to yours as easily as possible.
Blake Moeller, my son, owns the sire and dam of this litter.

The two little girls are almost two weeks old in this picture. 
Call us anytime @ 512-657-0072
Clamping the cord and getting the first weights on the pups.
Kaleigh is our 8 year old in-house veterinarian.  She suctions the mouth and nose to clear any fluids and is a great help with the puppies.
Pictures of Betty Lou (left) as a puppy!
Betty Lou and Slicks litter @ 4 weeks
Notice her short legs and ears are already on the rise!
This female weighs only 1.0 lb at 5 weeks so she should weigh approximately 4 lbs when full grown.  
This little gal weighs 1.3 lbs at 5 weeks  so she should weigh approximately 4.5 lbs when full grown. 
Thursday, 4/01/10, Betty Lou's puppies are 7 weeks old.
Playtime in Spring
Puppies this small with personalities so big don't come along everyday.

It's like Forest Gump says, "You never know what you're gonna get in a box of chocolates!"

As adults they should be 3.5 to 4.0 pounds.  
  Camilla  and   Vega
     (enough said)  $ 1750                    ( the brightest star in the constellation) $1750
These two puppies of Betty Lou's are so playful and healthy.  Plus, we think they are beautiful.
Price $1750  9 weeks @ 1.7 lbs  
Adult weight should be 4.0 lbs
sold to  Hector Guitierrez and Alma Escalera  for 
sweet  little Frida Guadalupe Gutierrez
Hector and Alma picked up "Camilla" today to go to her new home.  This a beautiful family and we are very thankful they found Pocketbook Pups. 

Pictured left:  Adorable Frida and her new puppy Camilla!

Mauri and Nick Blankenship purchased both of these females.  The smaller of these two belong to Betty Lou and Slick.  We are so happy they bought our girls!  Thank you! 
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