Bringing your pet home can be a daunting task, especially if you have never had a puppy before.    Maybe some of these tips will help you make good choices so that your Yorkie will transition easier from my home to yours.

This wire kennel is available at the link below off of Amazon Prime.  You could receive it in as little as 1 day if you need it quickly.  They come in a variety of sizes so if you have a puppy that is approximately 1 - 2 lbs there should be ample room for sleeping and a small bed plus water and possibly food.

I like this pen for sleeping at night or when you make trips out to the store where you will not be taking your pup.  There is a drop floor so that if the puppy needs to urinate or poop it will fall through the grid floor and the puppy will not soil itself. 

Please view the elaborate set ups on this page or if you have minimal space here are some convenient ideas so that your new puppy feels safe an comfortable as it grows and as you teach it to be potty trained.
Pen Set Up and some of my Favorite Products
Excellent for killing germs...even parvo.  I found this product through my veterinarian.
It folds up very nicely if going on a trip for the holidays.  You can easily take a pen for your baby to stay  on vacation.
If you have a knack for craft projects it might be fun to turn a night stand into a bed for your yorkie after they are a bit older.  They are very smart and will probably remind you it's bedtime!
Even a little suitcase would make a nice bed or a place for toys!  It needs to lock in the open position.  This is Ramsey owned by Christina Williams!  He is out of Gypsy and Pecos Bill.