AKC Theodore Baird McNally
Owners: Terri & Rich McNally

Customer Comments:

We, Rich and Terri McNally, feel very fortunate to have met Kerrie Englemann and to have adopted "Theodore Baird", a darling Yorkie puppy.

Kerrie has an outstanding way of welcoming people and involving them with her passion for these adorable dogs. "Teddy" has made us very happy and he is a joy to be around. 

Kerrie obviously takes great pains to place her puppies with people who really love dogs. Which is why she was strongly recommended to us by our veterinarian, Dr. Graef in Taylor, Texas, who assured us that Kerrie honestly loves all her dogs. She obviously does, and she handles them with the utmost care and expertise. We are grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Engelmann.

            Sincerely, Rich and Terri McNally

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One of our greatest joys, in addition to having our own Yorkie family, is raising and placing puppies from our litters into other loving homes.  This is "Rascal" Caswell.  He likes taking long walks, playing with his favorite stuffed toy moose, and lying in the grass next to the golf course.  He looks forward to having many girlfriends in the future. 

Hopefully we may be using Rascal soon!


WEIGHT: 3.0 lbs.
COLOR: Black
HEAD: Light Tan
TALENT: Being King of his castle!

Dam:  Blake's Buttons -N- Bows  X  Sire: Chaser's Hoppin Bob
Owner: Cathy Caswell
How about this set up?  Gabby is so lucky to have such a wonderful home and family who obviously adores her!
Terri took Teddy to the PetSmart Training Program in Georgetown.  This was his 
cap and leash ceremony!  
She is such a proud parent of Theodore!  Who knows what is next?    Bravo!

My experience with Kerrie and her family has been wonderful! I absolutely adore Dulce, the first puppy of my own. I really appreciated the care she took with the process of bringing Dulce into my life, providing all the proper paperwork and a wealth of needed supplies. It is clear that Dulce is the result of good breeding because she is beautiful and full of personality. She loves long walks and never seems to run out of energy. But when she does, she is happy to settle down in my lap and go to sleep. My parents sometimes puppy-sit for me and threaten to keep her because they love her too. Thanks Kerrie! Keep up the good work bringing fabulous Yorkie puppies to deserving owners all over.

-Annie Winsett, Austin, TX

Female - SOLD!   

 Dixie's Black Diamond (bred to Fritz In Your Pocket  
They are seven weeks and very plump!  The smallest male is starting to growl ! 

Dixie is an excellent Dam and had all three pups 15 minutes apart. 
 Her milk is rich as all pups are fat and have glossy coats!
Kricket's Royal Flush (bred to Black Jacks Big Bucks
Male - SOLD !
Jason, Necole and sweet daughters took this Yorkie home on Sunday! 
  Another lucky puppy!
Female -SOLD !
Female - SOLD!
Male - SOLD!
Rachael and Dad picked up Martini!
Maddy, Katherine and Julie love little Lacey!  She is a very lucky Yorkie!
J. D.
Sold Male Puppy to:

Lynn Meeker,
Sun City, Texas.

 He is one lucky  
      little guy! 

 Mister Charlie
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